The Electric Mammoth 12 PC LED Light Up Flashing Halloween Party Silicone Bracelets Wristbands

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Planning on throwing a special holiday party ? Or preparing for the annual family reunion ? Either way, get ready to light up your holidays a little bit more ! Our LED Holiday Silicone Bracelets are the PERFECT addition to ANY party or event! Our cute stylish bracelets, will have everyone talking and having a great time! Kids will be entertained for hours on end! Each listing includes 2 Halloween Bracelets !

  • LED Light Up Flashing Halloween Silicone Bracelets by The Electric Mammoth
  • Are you planning on a special night? Want to stand out and how everyone what it's like to have a good time? Then these bracelets are for you !
  • Choose from a variety of Holidays ! For now you can choose between Halloween and Christmas, but check back in the future for more holiday bracelets !
  • Every style of bracelets come in a variety or colors along with style inside the bracelets.
  • Batteries are included and installed